Mougins Real Estate

Mougins belongs to the most prestigious places of the French Riviera. Stars of show business, billionaires, artists and restaurateurs from around the world buy apartments, villas and houses in Mougins. The medieval hill town of Mougins is located on the Route Napoléon, just 9 kilometers far from the Mediterranean coast.


Due to the great popularity among foreign investors and buyers of real estate in Mougins, and the availability of international schools here reigns the international atmosphere. One can often hear English on the streets of Mougins, which is not surprising, because even Winston Churchill stayed here at his time, and the town is appreciated by people from Foggy Albion. Having fallen in love with the beauty of this place, Pablo Picasso spent the last twelve years of his life in Mougins. Edith Piaf, Jean Cocteau, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Catherine Deneuve and many other famous people were Mougins guests. Hollywood stars who visit Cannes Film Festival, chose Mougins their favorite place to stay in the 20th and 21st century, and it became the new Mecca for tourists and property buyers who look on the French Riviera for the piece of untouched Provence nature, magnificent panoramic views of the bay of Cannes and the Lérins Islands, healing air of the Alpine foothills.

Real Estate of Mougins is in stable demand among connoisseurs who on the one hand seek a high-quality real estate in the prestigious location of the Cote d'Azur and on the other hand value peace, natural beauty and solitude of this unique town. Buying a villa in Mougins is not only prestigious, but also profitable.

Mougins, which is called the “Arts and crafts town”, has become a home for the famous people of art and offers to its guests a variety of art galleries, art boutiques and chic restaurants. There is a famous Michelin- starred restaurant of Roger Vergé “Moulin de Mougins” in Mougins. Its chefs were world-renowned masters Alain Llorka and Alain Ducasse. This is where you can taste the unique branded cuisine “Cuisine du Soleil”. Mougins is also famous on the French Riviera for its golf clubs, for example, there is a prestigious golf club “Royal Mougins Club”. No wonder that golf lovers prefer to buy a house in Mougins.

It is worth mentioning schools of Mougins, for example, the International School “Mougins School”, where they teach in English. Along with French, English, Spanish, Germen and Russian departments there is even a Chinese department too in the lyceum and college of the prestigious International Valbonne Center (Le Centre International de Valbonne – CIV), where children study deeply not only mathematics, biology, geography, art and music but also history, language and literature. Graduates of Mougins College receive a Bachelor’s degree and speak fluently at least three languages. Throughout its history, many of CIV alumni, have become notable in many varied fields. For example, such people as Vincent Cassel, Mathieu Kassovitz, Nicolas Roche, Tomer Sisley have attended Le Centre International de Valbonne. It is quite logical that foreign buyers are happy to buy real estate in Mougins because here, in addition to a wonderful stay, you can also give your children the excellent education in various languages.

It is no wonder that because of its infrastructure, the availability of high quality medical clinics and hospitals, excellent international lyceums, private boarding schools, colleges, unique natural location Mougins received the title of a showpiece French town.

Mougins real estate

Experts in luxury real estate of the French Riviera agree that the property market of Mougins is characterized as stable. Prices for villas range from 700,000 to 7 million euros on average. Such variation in prices is due to the large variety of real estate. In Mougins one can buy a small cozy house or luxury villa in a prestigious area. Or you can just rent an apartment in Mougins for a couple of weeks. By the way, real estate rent, for example rent an apartment or flat in Mougins will be cheaper than in neighboring Cannes or Nice. Real estate of Mougins is in great demand among Scandinavians and citizens of Eastern Europe, who are attracted not only with the beauty, good location and security of the town, but also with the opportunity to send their children to a good school.

Domains of Les Parcs de Mougins, Pigranel Street (Chemin de Pigranel), Colle Street (Chemin des Colles) and alley Redon (Allée du Redon) are in demand among foreign investors. A district of the Old Town, of course, takes a special place in the real estate market of Mougins. For example, a villa in the old center of Mougins with a view to the bay of Cannes can cost around 2 million euros and more. Moreover, this investment will definitely be beneficial, because real estate on the Cote d'Azur is always in demand. For example, fifteen years ago a villa with sea view in Mougins cost 800 thousand euros, but already in 2005 it was possible to sell it for 2 million euros and profitability of such real estate grows every year.

Real estate of Mougins near golf courses is in stable demand among buyers. Thus, real estate in La Peyrière, an area which is in close proximity to the golf club “Golf Country Club de Cannes-Mougins”, will cost from 800 thousand to 2.5 million euros.

Buying a house in Mougins investors receive prestige, opulence and luxury. Mougins is a compact and quiet town, which allows you to enjoy the solitude, which is particularly valuable in the modern world. Besides, often the cost of apartments in Mougins is lower than, for example, in Cannes, located just 15 minutes far from Mougins.

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