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What enthusiastic epithets guests applied to the lovely city of Cote d'Azur – Cannes! Nowadays Cannes, perhaps, is most famous for the Cannes International Film Festival, which annually brings together the biggest stars of the world show business and the city is rightly called a “Movie star” of the French Riviera. Moreover every year Cannes becomes a home for Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, Festival of Pyrotechnic Art of Cannes, International Forums and Exhibitions MipTV/Milia, MIDEM, MAPIC and many other events of international importance. Cannes became a popular holiday destination of the highest European and Russian aristocrats already in the 19th century: Queen Victoria and King Edward VII, the Russian empress and princes of the blood used to visit this city.


What used to attract and keeps attracting guests in Cannes? Except the wonderful Mediterranean climate, sunny weather, azure sea Cannes can boast elegant architecture of the Belle Epoque, medieval towers and fort walls, catholic and orthodox churches and an ultramodern architecture of the new part of the city. Tourists enjoy the splendid beaches of Cannes, which are among 10 top most beautiful beaches of France. Shopping lovers will appreciate the huge number of the boutiques of the most prestigious world brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Lacroix, Chanel and many others. More than three hundred diverse restaurants, from cozy wine bars to upscale Michelin-starred restaurants, are ready to satisfy the most sophisticated demands of gourmets. Different museums, art centers, exhibition halls, casinos, nightclubs, numerous exhibitions, shows, concerts, royal regattas will keep entertained even the most demanding guests. The peculiarity of Cannes is the absence of clear seasonality, because life in this city is in full swing all 12 months of the year.

Cannes real estate

It is no surprise that real estate in Cannes is considered to be one of the most refined and comfortable in Europe. Of course, not everybody can afford to buy a house in Cannes so the higher prestige the owner of such real estate has. Even just rent of the real estate in Cannes shows the status of the tenant.

Due to absence of seasonality in Cannes an owner of real estate can constantly enjoy everything what the city offers as well as use all the conveniences of his property all year round. Hundred thousand tourists come to Cannes throughout the year. Some of them stay in hotels, but many people prefer to rent villas or apartments for the period of their stay in Cannes. Thanks to the famous French sense of style guests of the rented flats feel like royalty surrounded with the superior interior design of the beautiful and comfortable apartments. Therefore rent of apartment in Cannes enjoys the strong demand among guests of the city.

Investors are pleased to buy real estate in Cannes (price range is from 200,000 euros till several million and above). Acquisition of real estate in Cannes is a very good investment, because rent of flats, apartments and villas is beneficial to both tenants and owners. Traditionally, income from real estate investment in Cannes is stable and high throughout the year. The global financial crises almost do not affect the real estate market of the Cote d’Azur – its stability has been proved for decades.

Cannes is one of the most popular and prestigious holiday destinations in Europe and perhaps in the world. The high rating among world places of resort attracts to Cannes investors from different countries. Buying a property in Cannes can provide their owners high, stable and guaranteed profit.

The most expensive real estate in Cannes includes apartments in Le Suquet (the Old Town of Cannes), penthouses on the Promenade de la Croisette (or Boulevard de la Croisette), villas near the sea. The average price per square meter of real estate in Cannes is 8,000 euros. Prices of flats and apartments range from 5 to 25 thousand euros per square meter. It is characteristic that price per square meter in a house is on the average 5 % cheaper than price per square meter in apartments. The most expensive residence in Cannes is on the coast (Boulevard de la Croisette) and in the east (Californie). Real estate become cheaper the farther you move from the sea.

Price for rented apartments in Cannes varies greatly: from 30 euros for a modest apartment away from the sea and downtown, and up to 2,5 thousand euros and more per day for a first-class villa on the Boulevard de la Croisette. Rent of villas in the outskirts of Cannes is traditionally very popular.

Excellent well-laid-out infrastructure, service of the highest level, the abundance of trendy shops, jewelry shops and boutiques, luxury clubs and casinos, shine of the Boulevard de la Croisette, chic and gloss of the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, the charm of Provence markets of the Old Town constantly attract guests to Cannes. Renting and real estate purchase in Cannes are the symbol of prestige, high class and elitism. No need to say that the acquisition of real estate of such class is no doubt reliable preservation and augmentation of capital, as the prices for elite real estate on the French Riviera are almost not affected with the negative global trends and crises.

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