Cote d'Azur EventsCote d'Azur region is unique not only for its nature and resorts. It provides their guests with an incredibly wide range of entertainment and full relaxation. What cannot be expected in the Riviera is boredom, because here everyone can find something for their tastes and interests. It is no exaggeration to say that in fact, every day there are a wide variety of shows, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, fetes, contests, competitions, carnivals, fairs here and there on the French Riviera and the only thing the guests have to do is to choose.

Events of the Cote d'Azur

Cote d'Azur Events

Everybody knows about the most famous events of the Cote d'Azur which are held annually in the big cities and which have international importance. They are the Cannes International Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix, the Nice Carnival, the Lemon Festival in Menton, the Mimosa Festival in Cannes, Sails Regatta in Saint-Tropez “Les Voiles de Saint Tropez”. But apart from these most famous events the Riviera also offers hundreds of other entertainment. Music lovers will be interested in concerts in the castle of Monaco, jazz festivals in Juan-les-Pins and Ramatuelle, music festivals in Grasse, chamber music festival in Menton. Sports fans will enjoy the tennis tournaments in Nice and Monaco, cycling race “Paris-Nice”, golf tournaments in Monaco at Mont Agel and in Nice, yacht race in Saint-Tropez, the UEFA Super Cup in Monaco. Car fans are not forgotten either, additionally to Formula-1 race the auto rally in Antibes, rally in Monte Carlo, the festival of old cars in Cannes are held for them. Children and adults will be thrilled with spectacular fireworks festival in Monaco and Cannes. And of course, in addition to numerous museums, theaters and concert halls, every year Cote d'Azur shines with a huge number of exhibitions of classical and contemporary art, world-known theaters bring their best plays to this place, they hold live concerts of all music styles, dance and sports shows here.

Cannes International Film Festival

The Cannes International Film Festival

Every year in the end of May they hold one of the most significant and prestigious events of the world cinema – the International Cannes Film Festival (Le Festival International du Film de Cannes). One of the eldest film festivals is held at the famous Palais des Festivals et des Congrès on the Boulevard de la Croisette. Although it is a common thing to see world stars on the Riviera, especially in May there are many most famous actors, directors and producers from around the world in Cannes. Stars of show business can be seen not only on the red carpet of the Palace, but sitting in cafes, walking along the embankment, taking rest on the luxurious yachts.

Formula One Monaco Grand Prix

Formula One Monaco Grand Prix

One of the most prestigious races in Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix (Grand Prix de Monaco) is held right in the center of the city, on the race track in Monaco. Extra-fast racing cars driven by the most famous drivers in the world dart pass along the winding track of Monte Carlo at a rattling good speed to the delight of spectators and fans. Many people call Formula One a “Royal racing”, which is not surprising, because Formula One is considered be the most prestigious racing series in the world, and for majority of drivers performance in this race becomes the goal of their whole life and the pinnacle of sports career. At the same time Monaco Grand Prix is considered one of the most prestigious races in the Formula 1 championship, which many fans of motor sports seek to see.

Nice Carnival

In the middle of February they hold in Nice one of the three largest and eldest world carnivals – Nice Carnival (Carnaval de Nice). The Nice Carnival lasts for 2 weeks. Its obligatory components are flower parades where dozens of platforms decorated with fresh flowers show different themes and life scenes. Floral platform of great beauty is the pinnacle of creativity and incredible flight of imagination of the florists. Wagons with giant puppets made of papier-mache cruise around the streets daily. Every day carnival ends with concerts and fireworks, and at night hundred thousands of light bulbs decorate Nice, making it looks like a fabulous island of flowers and illumination.

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Lemon Festival in Menton

It has been long time since the Lemon Festival in Menton (Fête du Citron) became world-wide known. And the reason is not so much the original idea of the Festival of lemons as incredibly colorful and funny show, which Menton annually offers to its guests. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come from all over the world on see the festival. What attracts tourists so much in the Lemon Festival in Menton? Just imagine dozens of huge architectural structures and sculptures made entirely of citrus! And every year the Lemon festival is dedicated to some new original topic. Add to this the colorful carnival processions with music, drinks and citrus sweets, evening performances and shows. Do not forget about the awesome gala fireworks on the beach. During 15 days of the Lemon festival in Menton you can buy such unusual gifts as perfume of citrus, citrus soap, liquors, jams of lemons and oranges, amusing handmade glass, ceramics and wood things made on lemons theme. The guests should expect Parade of Golden Fruit, Lunar Parade, Gardens of Light, Citrus Exhibition and many other entertainments.

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Events of the Riviera

Almost every town of the Cote d'Azur, from large to the smallest ones, offers its own unique fairs, where the local products like wine, perfume, honey, fruits, flowers and antiques become a spotlight. Also guests of even the smallest villages should expect carnivals with varied themes including the festivals of medieval culture, children's carnivals and much more. Only on the French Riviera you can visit such unique festivals as the Strawberry Festival, the Roses Festival, the Flower Show, the Festival of Jasmine, the Festival of Honey, the Festival of Plants, the Circus Festival, the Week of Gastronomy and many other events.

We just dipped into a subject of the events of the Riviera. Regional Tourism Committee of the Cote d’Azur quarterly publishes a booklet with the list of the main events written on more than fifty pages with small print and which take place on the French Riviera during the current three months. What to say about the whole year – perhaps it would require publishing a very thick book to list up all the events of the French Riviera. But instead of reading a boring recitation of dates and events, it is better to visit the southern coast of France and see what all the generous French Riviera offers to its guests.

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Our real estate agency offers a wide range of services to find apartments and villas on the Riviera at the time of holidays, festivals, conferences and other events of the French Riviera. For tourists we offer a variety of properties to rent for various periods of time and are willing to satisfy any requests, from simple to the most discerning. We can help buyers in the choosing and purchasing a prestige real property, which will not be only a profitable investment, but if desired it will be able to bring a stable rental income during the whole year. In summer people come to the Riviera mainly because of the unique climate and the sea, and in the off season and winter hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world rush there to see numerous striking events of the Cote d'Azur, that the south of France has in abundance.