Mission of the real estate agency “Cote d'Azur Realty”

Our mission is making your dream come true

You have a dream of a house on the Cote d’Azur? Dream is an imagination, flight of fancy and it is very individual. To fulfill a dream and get full satisfaction there should be creative approach, careful attention to all the requests, deep understanding of a customer’s taste and being on the same wavelength with him. This creative process is very interesting and brings satisfaction of the result not only to our customers, but it is also pleasure for our employees, for whom work with a client is a creative process of searching and finding the most appropriate and unique option.

The real estate agency on the Cote d'Azur

Having many years of successful experience in the Riviera real estate sales, our real estate agency on the Cote d’Azur “Cote d'Azur Realty” expanded its portfolio by adding rental property business on the French Riviera. Over the years, we have moved to a totally new level of creativity and approach that has become our credo. Almost all our clients, who rented villas and apartments for summer vacation, later became our customers.

Our real estate agency on the Cote d’Azur “Cote d'Azur Realty” provides assistance in renting and purchasing real estate and yachts. Thanks to wide range of services in our agency we are always ready to provide our customers with all the help and advice: we help to rent a boat, book tours, reserve restaurants. We give consultations on the acquisition of real estate, legal and financial issues and many other things. We highly appreciate our customers and build trusted and friendly relationship with them.

The acquisition of any property, and especially such elite and expensive, as the real estate on the Cote d'Azur, requires a serious, informed decision. One buyer needs just a few days to finalize the choice, for others it takes years to examine and ask prices. Someone is willing to pay the full amount at once, and others prefer not to withdraw funds from their business and choose a bank loan. Many foreign buyers of real estate on the French Riviera seek to find an option that meets a multi-purpose, namely comfortable apartment or a nice house for the whole family, with the possibility to host friends and relatives, but also when necessary it becomes a cost-effective facility that allows, if required, to obtain a high additional income from giving it for rent. Also, there is a category of buyers looking for a safe home for permanent residence.

Every buyer has his or her own taste, wishes and criteria in the selection of real estate. Some of our clients want to buy luxury villa on the French Riviera for all-year living, and there are buyers who are going to buy an apartment on the French Riviera to stay there on vacation, and lease it to tenants for the rest period of time. Someone look for a house in the Provencal style, and others prefer the latest fashion trends in design. We believe that only through joint creative efforts of the buyer and the real estate agent we can achieve absolutely beneficial in all respects for the customer acquisition which meets all his requirements.

Whichever the lifestyle clients have on vacation, whatever their demands, tastes, preferences and desires are, knowing the real estate of the Cote d’Azur, the specificity of cities and places of the Riviera, we can feel what kind of real property will suit them best for purchasing and select the right object of dreams. To guess desires of a customer is our professional strength. Searching for a house, getting and completion of its image is always a joy in general as well as subsequent cooperation on the management and maintenance of real estate.

Thanks to the vast accumulated experience and careful communication with a customer, we can say with confidence that for a new client, who first contacts us with a view to buying a property we will select the perfect embodiment of his/her desires using approach elaborated over the years. Our work is inspired by the opportunity to fulfill a dream!

Please contact our estate agency on the Cote d’Azur “Cote d'Azur Realty” and we will make your dream come true.